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Miracles Of Bhaktamar & Faith Based Healing

Name: Samarth Aggarwal Place : DelhiDate:Jul,2016

Many a times, things don’t turn out the way we want them to. Everything seems to be unfavorable. In such situations, Spiritual Faith Healing comes to our rescue. No matter what the problem is, Faith and Bhaktamar is the solution to all. Whether it is about ill – health, problems in Business, wealth related issues or academic stress.

Samarth was a student of 12th class. He was very intelligent in the studies. He and his parents were afraid of his Board Exams and AIR186 in JEE. When his examinations were near, he was so confused and tensed, nothing seemed clear, there was hardly any chance of his passing the exams successfully. So his father requested to me for help. I guided his Family and Samarth by Faith Healing and Bhaktamar, After that we did many times Bhaktamar Vidhan in my Clinic and chanting of the shlokas , Mantras , he gave up the cold drinks and coffee , Potato Chips after some days Samarth was full of Confidence , Positive Energy. I gave him Faith Healing daily in morning, evening and night, and he and his father, mother all chanted the Bhaktamar with complete Faith. After sometime even when the exams were Very near he used to Wake up early and do the Vidhan of Bhaktamar & then Concentrate on his studies; this is a FAITH.

With Faith and bhaktamar he was able to secure 94.4% Marks in the Board exams and AIR 186 in JEE. After the results were out, he had lost hope of getting into his dream college, IIT Delhi. But in the Next list of allotment he received a confirmation of his admission to IIT Delhi. Truly, it was no less than a miracle for him. The all credit of his success at board exams and JEE definitely goes to his Faith and lord Aadinath Bhaktamar Stotra. Its a Miracle that I have seen from my eyes the boy getting relief of his all fear and tensions . My Faith has grown more.

Bhaktamar Stotra is composed by Acharya Mantunga ji has a very high place of pride in Jain holy literature Devotee Acharya Mantunga , while reciting the attributes of the vulnerable detached Lord Aadinath in this devotional poetic Stotra expresses his desire to become like him.

Each case study was done and was a discovery in itself . These 48 Healing mantras have the spirituality – which will save millions of lives and are a revolution in itself. The chanting of these mantras gave vast results in all matters of our life.

Gratitude Expression:

The all credit of my success at board exams and JEE definitely goes to my Prriya di and her Faith and lord Aadinath Bhaktamar Stotra.Its a Miracle for me , I have seen from my eyes that I m getting relief of my all fear and tension . Once again I am extremely Thankful to Prriya di for their valuable healing and making me who I am today.

Name : Shushma ShahPlace: DubaiDate: 2 -1-2013

Distance Healing blessed Baby boy.

Ms Shushma 46-year old lady, She Lived in Dubai, was unable to bear children. She took the best treatment in London and India but in vain. Finally, she approached me for help. I started her Distance healing in January 2013. By the infallible power of Faith and Bhaktamar, she conceived. To everybody’s surprise, Doctor was saying to get it aborted but, she did not wanted to . I gave her silver plate with 34th shloka written on it . I guided that his husband should daily do the Abhishek and use this holy water on their Face and stomach. I also guided her about Bhaktamar Stotra and complete Yantra of Bhaktamar which helps in growth of the Foetus and stops the abortion . She took the Yantra and continued the chanting of mantra Regularly for few months , She kept yantra in Temple and she gave birth to a healthy baby boy in January 2014.

Gratitude Expression:

It is an unbelievable miracle of Faith Based Healing by Bhaktamar. Full faith in the system brings amazing results. She expressed his heartfelt gratitude towards me and towards Sri Bhaktamar Stotra and Acharya Mantung Maharaj . All good things that happen with us , all credit goes to Prriya di.

Name : TrilokAddress: DubaiDate:2-november 2016

From last 5 Years My Business was not going good. After consulting many relatives and my Friends, then also I was not able to find the Cause of loss in my Business. This increased my difficulties. In the meantime my sister who stays in Rohini, Delhi, she told me about Spiritual healer, Vaastu Consultant Mrs. Prriya Jain. I contact her & discussed my problem with her She advised me to do Bhaktamar Vidhan for 21 days in my business Premises and chant 48th shloka of Bhaktamar also, with in a two month, I felt a new Positive Energy there. All my disputes got sorted with my workers. I got relived from my Financial & Mental Problems. People who earlier don’t want to see my Face or Meet me. After sometime they used to call me for meeting. This all happened with the guidance of Prriya ji. Her Trust and Belief bought a drastic change in my life. Now my faith is increasing day by day on Bhaktamar. I salute to Mrs. prriya ji for giving me such advices and support me.

Name: AashiAddress: Shakti Nagar ,DelhiDate: 23-3-2015

I cleared my B.ED from first division Apart from this, I did many Certification Courses also son as to bring improvement in my Career .I did English Speaking Course too. But despite giving interviews in many schools I was not able to find a suitable job for me. I was fed up of my Life, seemed like I was living on aimless life since I was unaware about the goal of my life. My family also used to put Pressure on me for marriage as in India girls are considered as Burden on Parents. I aspire to make my Life. One day I attended a seminar of Mrs. Prriya on Faith Based Healing by Bhaktamar. This Seminar raised a new hope of Trust in my Mind. Darkness of my Life turned into light of hope. I used to chant Bhaktamar daily with complete faith. I have faith that Very soon I got the excellent job. My dream, My Faith Came True, after two months I got an offer from an International School & got employed there. From the Magic of Bhaktamar everyone got the sight of my abilities that brought a change in my life, I have no words to thank her for the Knowledge; she gifted me about faith, Power of Bhaktamar.

Name: Ayeshi Address:DelhiDate: 23-3-2015

I am doing CA. After clearing 12th class I set my mind for Becoming CA. I cleared CPT and first year Exams of CA successfully. But I was not able to clear the 2nd year of CA. I gave 4 attempts but due to some marks I used to fail every time. I was not able to find out the reason where I am lacking. Then one day my Friend gave me Reference of Mrs. Prriya, Spiritual Healer, Vaastu Consultant. I met her and she advised me to do Bhaktamar Vidhan for 21 days with complete Faith. She guided me and supported me like a close friend. I personally feel she came in my life like A golden Red Flower, always giving the fragrance to all. 2 months before my exams, I implemented all her guidance in my life and then I attempted the Exams & cleared all with very good Marks .Now I am Pursing my articleship. This all happened because of the Faith & guidance of Mrs. Prriya. Now all my Family members are so much happy and m whole heartedly thankful to her.

“Bringing a Ray of light in my Life.”

Name: AnitaAddress:Date: 23-3-2015

I am into real Estate Business. I was holding a Property of huge amount and its was mandatory to sell the property as I need money for my son Business , he established the motor parts business in partnership with my close friend and I also need the money for my daughter’s marriage. But I was not getting any source of raising Funds. Then one day my wife’s sister talked about prriya ji. After three four days I contacted her and briefed about all my problems. Then she suggested me to apply Bhaktamar and she boost me up with confidence. I started doing Vidhan and followed the guidelines of her. Within three months, I got one call of the buyer, who showed interest in my property & it got sold out at a very good price. It helped me in my daughter’s marriage also.

Earlier I lost all hopes and confidence but in the few months Mrs. Prriya developed a new trust and faith because of which I found the desired buyer. I always thank in my heart, for the efforts and for her trust which brought a Miracle in my life.

Name: NavneetAddress:Date: 23-3-2015

I am into Jewellery business from past 12 years in Karol Bagh. My ancestors were handling the business from past many years. I continued the same and it went well in the starting three years but then it went down from past seven years. I incurred so many losses and it was almost on the stage of getting shut. I lost all my hopes But one day my close friend who knows me from my childhood, about Mrs. Prriya, after a week I met on her place & discussed all my miserable Problems with her. She took a deep sign and suggested me to imply Bhaktamar Stotra and especially 48th shloka. I took it as a challenge & continued the Bhaktamar for 21 Days, slowly and gradually, I felt the change in the business environment. I started getting orders; my all bad debts got recovered & generated profit within a month. I am very Thankful to Mrs. Prriya ji for her support and her help in building a trust inside me to take the things positively, Because of her I am now Healthy and wealthy man.

Name: R. K. Agg.Address:Date: 23-3-2015

Spiritual Faith Vibration in the home and their effects.

Some people put a lot of thought & money into how to construct their dream home or arrange it in a manner so that it is very comfortable & full of Warmth. I was also having such desire but I was direction less and without any idea. I needed someone to guide me in the same. One day in my Relative’s Function I met Mrs. Prriya and got to know about her achievements. I visited her Place and opened my dilemma in front of her. She also visited my home, suggested me various tips and also adviced me for bhaktamar. She gave the advance knowledge of shlokas , by saying this will make and show me directions , I did the same and within few months , all my ambiguities got cleared and my confusions were eliminated . She give me a save path for the achievement of my dream, only Because of her I am able to buid my dream house. I thought god send her to me to clear the all confusions in my mind. I m very grateful to her she is such a nice person and now we are good friends.

Name: Rohan Srivastav.Address:Date: 23-3-2015

I am an Architect & was assisting in the preparation of Architectural Plans for research centre in Goa. When the construction of research centre was underway , my son who was a one year old started to have sleep Problems. He would wake up around 8-10 times in night . It became very difficult for me to attend him during the whole night and manage the project in day time. It affected my personal as well as professional life. Then one day I consulted Mrs. Prriya, friend of my mother. She told me the reason behind my sons sleep problem. There was some negative energy around his head because of which he was unable to sleep. She suggested me to involve him & do the Bhaktamar vidhan for 21 days; in the mean time I felt a complete change in the sleep pattern of my son. And I was able to focus on my project as well. I daily chanted the bhaktamar 48 th shloka with my complete faith. After 4 months I earned a good revenue from that project , because of Mrs. Prriya I am living my life peacefully, & my son is also healthy . I am doing good business.

Name: Rohit Sharma.Address:Date: 23-3-2015

My 26 years marriage is better than Ever. A huge Business problem Is being handled with releasing, I and my husband were having disputes because of the losses in our Business which affected our marriage life. We were about to leave the city. But one day while using Whatsapp, I saw a text about the curing and solutions of all problems by a Faith Based Healing by Bhaktamar. I contacted Mrs. Prriya ji whose name was mentioned in the message. Discussed all my problems with her & she gave me a solution to do Bhaktamar vidhan for 21 days, eat without salt food. After two months an independent contractor I work with called me out of the blue to tell me he was reducing my fees . This helped me to save over expenses easily and we got the solutions of all business problems , it seemed like the end was now just being re-arranged & accommodated & worked out. Because of Mrs. Prriya ji I was back to my track and we became financially stable and now continuing a happy married life.

Name: Arvind bhatt.Address:Date: 23-3-2015

Getting to a place where you want to change everything & live alone. I was earlier at a stage where everyone left me & detached me from their lives. This all happened because of my anger. I lost all my Control on my mind because of which I incurred disturbance in my Personal as well as Professional life. I was exhausted and searched on many sites too for anger management remedies but nothing worked . Then one day I attended the workshop of Mrs. Prriya ji about Faith healing and Bhaktamar; solutions to all your queries, she guided to do Bhaktamar Vidhan for 21 days & I implemented the same. Within 17 days, I felt the change in me. My mind was at rest & peace & I was able to Control my anger . In this way I build good relation with my colleagues as well as family members. Now I am leading a peaceful life. I am able to handle my employees with patience & coordinate with them with a positive mind. Now I am living at a place where no longer I want to change anything as everything is at its perfect place. The credit for bringing this Miracle in my life goes to Mrs. Prriya ji for giving her guidance and support & making me capable to develop trust in my inner self.

Name: Catarina.Address:Date: 23-3-2015

I have always been a very loving & successful person. But in the past months I started to experience the fear of dying, Intense, anxiety & suffering & these feelings are extremely hard to face& deal with. My doctor gave me Medication to control the panic attacks & depression. But nothing worked.

While going to a park I heard with one of my friend about Mrs. Prriya, who was the spiritual healer, I contacted her and visited at her place. I discussed all my problems with her, after analyzing she suggested me Bhaktamar stotra . She guide me all aspects. It was a lifesaver step for me. I implemented it in my daily life. Things become Manageable to a great extent. I attained a position of complete peace and was able to manage things well. Anxiety was eliminated & I again became a happy & fun loving person, but things would not been possible without the support and guidance of Mrs. Prriya ji. Her faith & trust in the Bhaktamar stotra encourages other person to believe in them. She is been hard working and supportive in all the stages. I wish her a great success ahead for her future.

Name: PayalPlace:DelhiDate: 22-3-2014

Cruel man changed

My childhood friend married to an NRI sometime back but her marriage did not work. However, her husband did not liked her, he was so cruel and always used to fight with her. He also did not tell her about his plans to re-marry. She used to remain so tensed that it affected her right ear which became 90% dead. Then, I guided her about the Faith Healing and Bhaktamar, then she decided to do the Bhaktamar Vidhan Every day for the good Karmas, she developed a great faith on God Aadinath. After sometime, When she came to know that her husband wants to apologize her and want to live together lifetime. She was so happy, with Faith on herself and lord Aadinath that helped her to manage her life again. But despite her best efforts, her husband Promised to her & told her that he love her so much and will always do the same. She called me and narrate the whole story. She was too happy. My God and Reiki did its job flawlessly. . With regular Bhaktamar Vidhan and Healing, her ear is also almost fine now.

Importance of Mantra & shlokas in Holy Scriptures in various cultures mantras have been known to create amazing results. Mantras are sound vibrations that permeate every cell of your being. They let the mind dissolve. Mantras are impulses or rhythms of consciousness. They create spiritual vibration.

Gratitude Expression:

I have no words to thank Prriya ji. She is a marvellous lady in herself. There is no one like prriya. She is always ready to help everyone anytime .

Others Studies

Dear Prriya ji.

I am thankful to u that u can changed my life. I Belive in my Life After meeting u…..What is Faith and Bhaktamar …I realize that these r very important Facter in our life, but I forgot these …..we can Achieved each And everything in our life if we have a faith and power of bhaktamar

She checked the vaastu of my home and my factory, she guide me in very proper method and explain the good effects and bad effects also ………..”Solution starts in identifying the problem. You can never solve a problem without identifying it. The right approach towards the resolution is the correct method of improving situation and life. This is exactly what Prriya ji perfects in”.

Vaastu – Some believe some don’t, but I do believe because that has changed my life.

Life is a series of challenges and even bigger challenge is to seek the right advice from the right person at the right time.

After the changes, Which didi guides me ….I felt the so many changes in my life as well as my business, I got so many new orders… I m so happy and bless u live long and spread the fragrance of bhaktamar in all over the world.

With Best Regards.

Name: Rajeev

My name is Rajeev, I met Prriya ji two years ago and sought her advice on the Vastu of my house and astrology for both my business and personal front.She approaches this Devine subject both holistic and scientific way. Her in depth knowledge and experience gets me quick response to all my queries, which makes me comfortable since knowing her…..Prriya ji is a “Master” and knows her stuff well. She is one consultant who involves herself with the project and ensures that the client gets the best. In my case, she asked me to change my design completely. My house is nearing completion and all I can tell at this point is that everything has gone smooth. I am only feeling happy. Professionally things are happening for the better. All this before I have moved in to stay into my new house!…………I believe that you build house only once,

It is imperative to add here, I did seek advice from other consultants as well, but the way Prriya ji has dealt with my case has been truly commendable. I have always believed that Vastu is a science and it has its own way of bringing positivity in your life. She has guided me since then and helped me improve the quality of my life.In my opinion she has in depth knowledge of vastu and is very capable in handling in sensitive issues pertaining to one’s life. In the End I would say I have met several people in my life, “ There is NO ONE like her” .

With lots of love.

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