Astrology Consultancy Services


Consultancy services for Astrology by expert from India

Horoscope| Janm Patrika | Kundli

To know about future and to know about own powers and the auspicious time of our life Horoscope reading is must. We provide you with detail analysis of your horoscope. We provide the following services related with horoscope:

  • Calculation of your Horoscope as per proved astrology principles.
  • Calculation of Mangal Dosha, kalsarp Dosha, Pitra Dosh, Vish Dosha and other Dosha and their easy remedies.
  • Detailed and accurate predictions with their remedial measures.
  • Prediction for various astrological yogas.
  • Calculations on the basis of specific question.
  • Monthly and Annual Prediction.
  • Calculation of Fortunate and Unfortunate Period of Life.
  • Matrimonial Match.
  • Analysis through Numerology for lucky dates, Color, lucky names.
  • Muhurth for special purposes and day to day activities.

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